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The silhouette is renewed with slim bodices that contrast with full skirts.
Wide belts like the ones that pin-ups used to wear always cinch the waist, underlining the versatile personality of the Fortuna woman.
Jackets made from fabrics used in lingerie hug the body like a teddy.
Blazers are made of bustier material, and there are raffia bodices that blend lingerie and ethnic.
Skirts made of silk, organza, and cotton are full and light.
Pajama-style pants are soft or slim, and sometimes they even peek out from under skirts.
The swimsuit with a flirty skirt makes a comeback.

Flower Child daisies in bright Amazon forest hues are printed on stretch tulle and personalized with the designer�s signature: the Fortuna flower.
Intense Guatemalan geometric motifs also appear on ultra-light chiffon. 
Natural fabrics such as gauze are hand-painted.
Rare lace of antique baby dolls is applied to cotton mats.
Green floral prints have a black background, and black prints stand out against a gray background.

Total white is inspired by porcelain doll faces.
Deep greens and browns come from South American forests.
Primary colors of the Mayans are used, especially yellow and white: the first is a symbol of the South, of abundance and optimism; the second represents the North, peace and tranquility. There are Latin American references, such as good luck charms: good fortune from Fortuna. 

Everything evokes soft, ripe femininity that is sweet but strong, like La bambola, �The Doll�, the famous song of Italian Pop diva Patty that turns 40 next year.

(Wednesday, 26 December 2007) | womenswear


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