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An year of new creative paths.
Magic tracks beaten by the sherpa people - designer peaky noses, hounds that scent the icy forms of modern while melting in the warm sensuality of a new luxury.
Long chains of the belly button, oversize ovals, concentric dreans, ellipses and diamonds.
Downtown catwalks and oriental dancers. Gold beaches striped by wind and sun, shells, little moulds.
Playful charms of elegant parties.
Pieces of high polishes hearts, thousand beats mirrors reflect queens of hearths and pin-ups tuck by the usual questions.
The mirror reflects and does not speak. Promises by prince charming: gold, hearts, earrings and diamonds.Diamonds draw riddled hearts in textures of hearts, small hearts charms to hang everywhere, to match with thin gold chains, neverending theories of hearts...towards exciting by-pass.
Ritual ornaments, spores, leaves, disks of bamboo, amulets, warrior colours, tatoes, pailettes scratched with iced gold for the modern vestals a dream elegance honoring klimt and Freud.
Rings of yellow gold scratched and tumbled on the edge of the design essence.
Between the perfection of nothing and the ornament as offence or same essence of the project. Rings of light and shadow.
Precious charms in puffed gold, blue topaces, lemon and pink, citrines and diamonds. Spring scented light, after-taste of grass and hints of windy sky.
Jewels with the deep taste of strong liqueur, vodka, after-eight, cream and smurf ice cream.
Sugar candies with irregular faceted surfaces, brown and pink, purple, blu and yellow.
Chocolates wrapped in precious gold engraved by hand.
Jewels to eat with your eyes.

(Sunday, 30 March 2008) | jewels


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