The Impronte collection by Salvini

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The Impronte collection by Salvini presents unique, stylish jewelry.
Salvini makes an impression and leaves its mark on a yellow or pink gold sphere, transforming the butterfly, dragonfly, and four-leaf clover – the famous shapes inspiring Salvini’s must-have collections – into an onyx and tiger eye print.

The print in onyx -- the stone of self-esteem according to the language of gems – boosts the courage and self-esteem of its owner. The wild tiger-eye print enhances intuition and inspiration, encouraging inner wellbeing.

A shape, a print, and a touch of magic transform a jewel into a precious and exclusive accessory.

Impronte by Salvini pendants are available in two versions -- pink gold and onyx in three sizes and yellow gold and tiger eye in three sizes – and come with a black waxed cord.

Indulge yourself, whenever and however you like.
Make an impression on your style.

(Saturday, 9 May 2009) | jewels


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