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The solitaire diamond weds to design for a beautiful new creation.

Extreme and essential, dynamic and modern, the new Solitaires come to life to make a beautiful woman even more alluring.

These eight rings were designed for the most cherished day in a woman's life, for a dream come true or for a moment of love.

Maia: The band is composed of two narrow intertwining white gold wires that hold the diamond like a budding flower in an elegant four-prong setting. 

Elettra: White gold setting with six slender prongs that embrace a dazzling diamond.

Minou: A Damiani must in white gold with brilliant-cut diamond. A narrow band circles and embraces the prongs supporting the diamond, further enhancing its splendor.
The Minou solitaire has a four- or six-prong setting.

Armonia: Alluring platinum with a classic yet modern line enhances the sparkling diamond on a precious four-prong setting.  

Sinfonia: The band is composed of precious platinum wires intertwining to seal an eternal bond with an exclusive six-prong setting.

Domina: A brilliant-cut diamond platinum solitaire with a four- or six-prong setting. An elegant pink gold band with the Damiani logo circles and hugs the diamond.

A unique, exclusive engraving inside the band lists the diamond's characteristics: color, carat weight, and certificate number. The Damiani logo and certificate number are also engraved on the girdle of the diamond.

All these rings, designed and crafted with utmost skill and accuracy, represent a precious and harmonious combination of gold and diamonds or platinum and diamonds.

Dazzling diamonds. Damiani diamonds.

(Thursday, 14 May 2009) | jewels


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