Dirk Bikkembergs

Dirk Bikkembergs Dirk Bikkembergs Dirk Bikkembergs Dirk Bikkembergs

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The Dirk Bikkembergs men are warming up for the runway. They radiate supreme fitness and will soon be flanked by a much desired large silver-plated champion's cup, which is staged in great number all along the red carpet, reinterpreted in true Bikkembergs style.

In honour of his icons, Dirk Bikkembergs is constantly seeking the next level of achievement. With the form-hugging silhouette explored further, he updates the male wardrobe, taking it to ever higher levels of luxury. The DBSC F/W 2009/10 collection is one of total refinement, filled with vivid flashes of inspiration. Total looks in jersey, with rollneck jumpers and suits knit with the very same yarn, alternate with cashmere jogging suits and blousons flaunting bold graphic patterns. Luxurious garments in cashmere and leather are reinterpreted and presented with several layers of hoods. Eye catcher is the oversized zipper with silver teeth. It acts as a true piece of jewellery for sportsmen and is the sublime expression of the item Mister Bikkembergs strongly favours.

The DBSC F/W 2009/10 collection is an ingenious blend of sophisticated formal and leisure wear in the most luxurious materials. It shows a seamless play of designer ingenuity and know-how, craftsmanship, sartorial elegance and glamorous comfort all imbued with the zeal and passion of sports achievement. It was designed for successful men who want to look smart and sharp in total comfort; growing athletes who power dress to strengthen their power base; sportsmen who do not rest on their laurels before they will have won all sports cups within their reach. And until then, they will heat up any season in any continent they set foot on.

(Monday, 19 January 2009) | Milan man Fall/Winter 09/10


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