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Swarovski are delighted to announce a flash collection for Autumn Winter 2009/2010. Swarovski has created an ephemeral collection known as “Evanescent”, available in limited numbers and for a limited period only (in stores from late Oct).


The key is a fashionable theme this winter and Swarovski has given this everyday and timeless motif a glamorous twist. Swarovski’s reinterpretation of the key this season is inspired by those used long ago to open caskets and jewellery boxes, evoking memories of preciously guarded secrets between two individuals.

The gold-plated “Secrets” pendant features a delicate key in a crystal pavé finish which hangs from a mysterious bicolour necklace comprising two intertwined chains. One is gold plated, the other is rhodium plated, and together they offer an understated combination of materials and colours.
A second striking key design can also be found in full crystal pavé on a rhodium-plated chain. It is the must-have fashion accessory to be seen with this winter.
Superimposition, lightness, and a combination of details are key words for this winter. The “Luck” necklaces perfectly capture these trends.
The “Luck Heart” necklace symbolizes love and has gold-plated pendants on a long chain.  At the end of the chain is a cut-out gold-plated heart, a crystal pavé arrow in Siam and Light Siam, an angel’s wing in clear crystal pavé and a droplet set with a clear crystal.
Equally symbolic, the “Luck Star” necklace has an explosion of faceted and set crystal stars in various tone-on-tone colours on a rhodium-plated chain. At the centre of the cluster of stars is a pavé crystal medallion, out of which a small star has been cut, and a delicate black ribbon adds contrast. This abundance of good luck charms is an essential piece for taking on winter 2009/10 in total serenity.

Swarovski has created the “Magnolia” pendant in tribute to a more romantic interpretation of winter.
Transparent and delicate, the motif of this highly feminine flower is featured on a fine gold-plated chain. The pendant itself is gold plated, featuring miniature pavé crystals and is offered in two sizes. The versatility of Swarovski’s jewellery means that the piece can be worn either independently in large or small size, or grouped together with other items according to your mood. A stunning pair of pierced earrings completes the elegant “Magnolia” ensemble in a manner that is as laid back as it is refined.

(Friday, 4 September 2009) | jewels


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