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Ligia Dias cites the American artist Mike Kelley as a reference for her AW 2009/10 collection, ORGANIC CRYSTAL: less for his often cluttered and abject expressions than for his admirable ability to express ideas through their composite materials. Dias draws from Kelley’s idea of collage to create a mirror image of the materials she frequently uses in her own work: stones, crystals, chains, and pearls.
The resulting pieces are shiny and rich, but move away from the sort of simple linearity one expects from a bracelet or chain. Everything has undergone a reorientation through the mirror process. Dias’ usual hand‐sewn techniques have also been radicalized this season, as she employs new forms of assemblage such as glue and fusion, to allow for more complex and surprising compositions.

(Monday, 7 September 2009) | jewels


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