Vintage crystal jewels by Paula Bianco

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Vintage crystal jewels are the heart of this collection, which takes the bold graphic sensibility and high quality craftsmanship of the Art Deco movement as its raison d¡¯¨ºtre.
The crystals come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes ¨Ca reflection of their diverse origins© but are nonetheless worked into a pleasingly balanced composition by Bianco¡¯s skilled hands. A range of necklaces feature crystal bars, crystals, and larger 24 K gold platted laser cut elements set on a backing of raw felt. Crystals are also worked into bracelets, rings, and hair bands. Building from last season, Bianco has also included a selection of wrapped bracelets and necklaces, which employ wool threads, rhinestones, gold chain as
decorative elements.
Paula Bianco creates jewellery for strong, independently minded women who
approach their accessories with bold confidence and look for items that are a reflection of their own individuality and creative vision. Each piece of jewellry is a rare original, in which one of a kind vintage material is reworked into a sophisticated modern composition, and something to be cherished over time.

(Wednesday, 22 July 2009) | jewels


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