M Missoni spring summer collection

m missoni m missoni m missoni m missoni

Colors, materials and shapes are what they play with, the M Missoni s/s 2010 collection’s seductive babes, quick-change artists one and all.

Supreme experts on the subject of beauty and elegance who mix and match, rearrange and layer the precious knit and fabric separates. They are minor idols, sacred images of loveliness – slender, diaphanous, mutable, energetic, vulnerable, restless, charming, vital, simple not by nature but out of a natural grace – who wander lightly amid colors, laces, flowers, sweaters, jeans, skirts and skinny jackets. They talk about the fashion game, about the representation of dreams, about the new identity that can come from a dress. They invent a new order of things, a new fashion formula, new proportions. romantic little dresses with drapings, embossing, embrace the figure. Polychromatic lace leggings make a sharp statement under trousers. Bolero-jackets and mannish blazers identify a fresh sense of style with short  pants and micro skirts, maxivests, stretch knits with strategic slits, cuts and perforated stripes.
working processes are rich, elaborate.

Kaleidoscopic prints come in small diamond, fine stripe, color splotch and floral patterns – always with a soft, pictorial flair. Inflecting the collection are forty rainbow hues that follow whimsically one after another in gorgeous stripes on the basis of three distinct palettes.
Cold: metal, steel, iron and powder tones offset by turquoise and lemon yellow.

 Elegant: milk white, gold and black in mix with pink, sky blue, greenand coral. exotic: mango, geranium, papaya, emerald, sand, cedar and teak.
Jewel belts, color-contrast flowers, broad belts in metallized leather add definition to necklines, hips and waist.

(Tuesday, 29 September 2009) | womenswear


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