Jameela Jamil undresses for Westfield London Flash Mob

westfield london westfield london westfield london

Bebo and Twenty Twenty TV’s new magazine-style show, The Closet, hosted by Jameela Jamil, secretly invited people to a flash mob event at Westfield London with the intention that they have two minutes to swap as much of their original outfit that they can.

Jameela Jamil sounded the claxon and began the swap herself offering up the first item.  All of the swappers started bartering for new items and getting rid of theirs and after two minutes the claxon will go again, ending the swapping event.

People who had taken part were the proud owners of a completely new outfit, but one lucky swapper was wearing The Closet’s secret swap-item (pictured above) won the Westfield/O2 ultimate goodie bag of prizes.


(Friday, 9 October 2009) | glam talk


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