VitaliV: Fashion for The Digital Age

vitaliv vitaliv vitaliv

VitaliV, art-fashion designer, introduces the Spring / Summer 2010 "Digital Garden Collection" in Paris during fashion week.
Vitali has developed his interest in the technological dimension and has created a fantasy arising from the microchip, or simply from a digital model, to define his creative microcosm.

His work involves the special relationship that exists between art, architecture, landscape, human body, ontology, and Technology.

It is a combination of sculpture and design, using contemporary materials, in order to focus on the nature of the transition to digital technology, appropriating the world of nature with butterflies as decoration, digital, its activity can be described as re - encoding of natural codes.

Spring-Summer 2010 collection will feature dresses, with a touch of contemporary artistic refinement. The audacity of VitaliV and provocative approach to fashion is a reaction to the influence of technology in modern life, reflects the traditional values in a strong display of colors and rich fabrics. Collection VitaliV is direct and far-reaching for women who want to wear very feminine clothes, exciting and sexy that they reflect the mood and the mood of the time.

VitaliV based in London, is considered a design workshop extending its borders from 'interpretations of classical art digital transmission lines ranging from fashion all'homedesign.

(Friday, 13 November 2009) | womenswear


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