'Love': almost a motto for Roberto Cavalli!

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"Love": almost a motto for Roberto Cavalli! And several pieces are dedicated to love and lovers in the Roberto Cavalli collections: Roberto Cavalli Timewear, Just Cavalli Time and Just Cavalli Jewels.

The common element: style experimentation combined with technological perfection and attention to detail. Glamour, innovation and light.

Snake Star Collection
Women’s watch in the shape of snakes that twine sinuously round the wrist to become a refined jewel.
Bracelet in black and white enamelled metal with crystal details. Case studded with crystals.

Midnight Collection
Woman’s watch with round case and bracelet, both in steel.
The bracelet is made up of circular patterns while the dial is covered in crystal pave.

Catwalk Collection
Woman’s watches in mirror-finish steel with soft link bracelet and scale-pattern case, details in black resin.

Crystal Gent Chrono Collection
Man’s chronograph in steel, with black rubber strap and silver dial.

Monogram Collection
Necklace and earrings, decorated with crystal-studded monogram-logo. The three strands of the necklace each have a different style of link.

(Friday, 8 January 2010) | Valentine's Day


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