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Precious Outerwear – Massimo Sforza outerwear is well-known contender in the world of luxury outerwear offerings and is also the category that drives the brand. Exotic skins like crocodile and ostrich are a definite specialty of the house, but other incredibly special garments in techno-silk, plush cashmere or supple French nappa with their exquisite leather details and removable sable, mink or chinchilla linings prove plenty irresistible. VIP made-to-measure garments, special orders for heads of states and particular requests as unusual as removable bullet-proof linings are welcome and always executed with enthusiasm and perfection.  

“I don‟t want to dictate a particular trend,” says the designer Massimo Sforza of his own collection, “and I don‟t want the label to be a symbol for the super trendy or eccentric. Instead, I want to design unique and enjoyable items that are timeless, but that are also able to reflect the essence of what is happening „in the now‟. In that moment when a man stands in front of his wardrobe, I don‟t want him to worry - or even think - too much about composing a refined, sophisticated, modern and comfortable dressing solution. Dressing should be both pleasurable and effortless for my customer.”  


There is both modesty and irony in his statement since there is absolutely nothing “effortless” in the design or manufacture of the Massimo Sforza collections. Relentlessly insisting on using only premium raw materials and collaborating with only the most prestigious artisan talent in Italy, Massimo Sforza personally controls the entire maturation – from design to distribution - of his collection. He demands that scrupulous attention always be paid to even the smallest details of his product.  


 “Dandy Cool” seemingly an oxymoron, was the theme of the 2008 inaugural collection and still remains valid as the catch phrase that embodies the fundamental style concept of the Massimo Sforza brand: a unique blend of the classic elegance inspired by the iconic “dandy” sophisticate with a measured twist of contemporary fashion to convey a distinctive, sexier and fresh – or “cool” – look.  


 “Luxury Absolute” refers to the absolute highest quality standards to which all products bearing the  Massimo Sforza label are held. It also appropriately sums up the choice lifestyle of the Massimo


Sforza customer, a man who enjoys, and is accustomed to, surrounding himself with only the ultimate  - or absolute – in luxury.  


Never will Massimo dip below his elite standards in regards to quality, nor will his finger ever lift from the pulse of the contemporary man. Visually and palpably luxurious collections will consistently roll out each season as “Dandy Cool” and “Luxury Absolute”  will forever remain the brand’s constant foundation, objective, promise and product guarantee.


(Thursday, 21 January 2010) | menswear


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