Contrast and e neo- romanticism: Leopoldo Giordano

leopoldo giordano

A contemporary sternness and a bucolic aspect have been brought together in order to give new life to a decisive and rigorous metropolitan style while, at the same time, keeping a soft and intimate touch.
A modern woman, exuberant and independent, one who will not do without the seductive aspect given to a reassuring and romantic look.
Short shapes with a slightly rétro taste. Different heel options.
Sandals, flats and boots. Mediums sized heels bring back the '40’s, elegance and bon ton characterize the entire collection while at the same time create a modern, sober style that is young jealous and fun.
Deep colors and decisive tones: blue, green, burgundy with just the right hue make them versatile enough to be the natural substitutes for black and brown.

(Friday, 26 February 2010) | shoes


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