Max Mara: A new constructivism, a return to tradition

max mara max mara max mara max mara

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Max Mara: A new constructivism, a return to tradition.
A fresh, romantic take on the winter marine theme. Long, cosy coats pinched in at the waist by masculine-style belts. Jackets and cadetstyle cabans worn with sexy knee-length skirts or longer styles with a theatrical flourish, uniform shirts, knickerbockers, marine looks, tapestry knits, new tuxedos and Mata Hari dresses. All the austere charm of virtuoso tailoring.
The superb fabrics of the Max Mara tradition: cashmere, pure camel hair and flannel, as well as corduroy, lamé and embroidery. Black, navy blue, grey and tan, along with uniform blue and gold.

(Saturday, 27 February 2010) | Milan woman Fall/Winter 10/11


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