The venetian cashmere of Ca’Vagan

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The salinity of the lagoon and the romantic light of history are the roots of Ca'Vagan, Venetian brand of cashmere knitwear that debuted on the market since the autumn-winter 2010-11.

The roots of Ca'Vagan are very long in time, starting on the tables of the old notions of family, among the tissues of the lands of the East and the narrow streets of Venice. It is no coincidence that the brand was born in what was the most prosperous among the Maritime Republics, a crossroads of trade between cultures and peoples that can carry the best of East and West: enterprising men here have transformed their discoveries into valuable textures in noble yarns in wools and read.
Thus was born the cashmere Ca'Vagan, declined in sinuous and elegant for a woman without age and without conformity, only true to itself and the world he loves. A cashmere meeting a single requirement: feel good about themselves.

Light soft yarn knitted braids to decorate shirts and asymmetrical cross. Soft hills in pendant decorated with long gloves. Twin set stringent clean lines that play hide and seek with coordinated by the innovative curved sleeves and wrapping.

Part of the winter collection is strictly Ca'Vagan gray sky to revive the melancholy of Venice, a light misty torn by flashes like angel wings. Other flash are bright blue, bottle green and sandy tones, and evoke the majesty of a story, like that of Venice, made of cross cultural and noble passions.

Produced and distributed by Fashion Group VR Carpi (Mo), Ca'Vagan collects the elegance of Venetian architectural elements, combined with the spiritual power of the East.

(Monday, 12 April 2010) | womenswear


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