A luxurious and ultra-feminine sandal by Sergio Rossi

sergio rossi sergio rossi

The brand Sergio Rossi introduced a limited edition evening shoe to celebrate the most prestigious red carpets during 2010. The debut will take place at Cannes on May 12th, an international meeting of elegance and glamour.
This is a luxurious and ultra-feminine sandal that seductively envelops the ankle and the foot transforming the woman who wears it into a sensual and  modern-day siren. Crystal embellishment adorns a soft, light and perfectly crafted suede net. A creation that celebrates the craftsmanship and innovation emanating from our workshop in the heartland of artisanal Italy.
Through seductive shapes, elegant lines, and sensual materials, the brand strives to create silhouettes that heighten  femininity and become powerful instruments in the modern art of seduction.

(Monday, 26 April 2010) | shoes


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