An emphasis on lightness for Gianvito Rossi

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An emphasis on lightness. The lightness of materials, colours and forms.
Mischievous sensuality. For a woman that is part warrior, part mistress of seduction, today the hunter, tomorrow the hunted. A mysterious female figure that loves to reveal herself little by little and use her sinuous elegance to make her conquests.
This is the female image, one of charm and sophistication, that inspires the springsummer 2010 Gianvito Rossi footwear. Boasting a highly feminine look, they collect their evidence by gradually revealing themselves in a game of transparencies, natural shades and soness. Distinctive for their tapered silhouettes, oen without platform and with thin heels, they seem to have taken their inspiration from the world of high quality lingerie.
Seductive and chic above all else.
Beginning with the more day-to-day proposals inspired by the theme of travel, an escape to exotic far-off lands. A must have is the chamois sandal with 11 cm heel tied above the ankle, with open toes and heel to lighten the structure. For a decidedly sensual, urban soldier. Elegant and dynamic at the same time, it comes in three colours that evoke images of adventurous safaris in Africa or Bedouin tea in the desert: leather, army and khaki. Exoticism and a desire for liberty, therefore, that immediately bring to mind the legendary 1970's. In fact, the Seventies is one of the main themes of the collection, best represented by the return of the low wooden wedge, structured in a modern way with leather plaits that seem to form a precious cage around the foot. The same plaits also appear on the platform and flat shoes, taking the place of the straps for a modern-day gladiator’s sandal. Which becomes extremely elegant and provocative if raised on a thin heel in shiny black or metallised bronze.
More reserved atmospheres, meanwhile, accompany the return of fabrics. Materials that are able to fully interpret the idea of lightness and preciousness that runs through the entire collection. Central to the day-to-day models is gros grain, more versatile than satin. Illuminated by vibrant colours such as emerald green, azure and fuchsia, it plays a key role in this part of the collection alongside the chamois of the sandals with island platforms, which come in black or the triad of skin, pearl and marine colours.
In the evening, the focus switches to the sensuality of transparency. The booties with 11 cm heel but strictly no platform are produced with a web of black organza, the dominant colour of the chicest proposals together with metal leather, in the two versions bronze and steel. The elegance of the silhouette is underlined by the thin and linear heels. The platform, when it appears, merges into the sole and rises up to the stiletto. The general effect is that of elegant and highly glamorous seduction.

(Monday, 10 May 2010) | shoes


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