Malìparmi and CAF together in Milan for a weekend of socially-committed shopping


Shopping can do good. That’s the concept behind the socially-committed shopping initiative to which Malìparmi is giving its active support – a special sale of clothes and accessories from the spring summer 2009 collection, with most of the profits going to children cared for by the CAF non-profit organisation. The event takes place in Milan at the Young & Rubicam Brands space at Via Tortona 37, starting with a cocktail launch party on 19th May from 17.30 to 22.00, continuing from 20th to 25th May between the hours of 12.00 and 20.00 except Sundays. 

For thirty years CAF, the Help Centre for Abused Children and Families in Crisis, has been working with mistreated and abused young people and families in difficulty. Its psycho-pedagogic team, trained by professionals in the sector, operates through a community-based welcome project for children from 3 to 12 years old, offering them a temporary home, a shelter where they can feel protected and regain confidence in themselves. As well as taking in minors at the initial stage, CAF guides them through a personalised education and re-education course, then finds them an ideal placement back with the family or with foster carers.

Malìparmi has always been aware of social problems and is already involved in activities offering support and solidarity in a variety of areas, and has gathered around itself a group of collaborators supporting the CAF, creating a work group with common objectives. Young & Rubicam Brands have kindly provided the venue, with architects Hajimè Miyajima and Sergio Colantuoni fitting out the space, Pino Perri of Print Materia producing the furniture – all made in cardboard, with the potential to be used for other events – and Mauro Galbiati creating the graphic elements. 

A non-profit initiative in support of CAF to assist the children cared for in its reception community. A range of people and expertise that has come together in a project reflecting a mutual determination to confront social issues.

(Monday, 17 May 2010) | agenda


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