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The upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collection SOLIDARITY created by Eva Minge is inspired by the history of the independent social movement and in the 80’s started the changes of governance in Poland, and initiated the process of the liquidation of the dominance of the totalitarian regime in the Middle Eastern Europe. The communist rule that lasted several decades made individualism and free creative thinking almost non-existent to the art and design community. People lived hermetically in a closed world lost not only their freedom of speech and artistic creativity, but also the possibility to travel and see the world.

Unbelievable courage and solid cooperation of 10mln people that lead the
revolutionary changes of1989. At that time Eva Minge was at the beginning of her career. Today, thanks to unlimited imagination, creative independence and uncompromising attitude she has her characteristic style, recognizable all over the world, known as her DNA.

The artist message, “freedom and solidarity is fashion,” will spread to the world from the capital of free creation at the New York Fashion Week, which will be the first time Eva Minge will present her collection for the first time during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week on Wednesday September 15, 2010 at 4pm at Exit Art.

Eva Minge brand was founded in 1989, the designer creates luxury ready to wear, couture, accessories and industrial design – interior design. Minge received many international awards (as the title, “Next Couture” at the Alta Moda Roma), presents her collections regularly in Rome, Milan, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow and since 4 seasons participates in the Paris Haute Couture Week.

Eva Minge has the support of many international press as the Polish Elle, French Officiel or Italian Collezioni to name a few. Her shows are transmitted on best televisions and programs all over the world. Her collections always draw one’s attention from the first glance. Minge’s followers like wearing her designs mostly for their power of uniqueness and vision.

During these last years, she has managed to build and impose her own version of the beautiful, mysterious, feminine and contemporary woman as she calls “unusually beautiful and strong women”. A particular concern for detail, know-how and luxury are the hallmarks that define her artistic universe.

(Friday, 17 September 2010) | New York woman Spring/Summer 2011


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