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Margaux is the first authentic coat-bag, i.e. the bag that is the perfect, inimitable companion to the coat, creating a combination that is the very essence of MaxMara style. Coats and maxi-bags are the hallmark of a busy, dynamic woman, always on the move from the office to the airport to a weekend break, with the very same baggage of needs, aspirations and commitments accompanying her everywhere in a single, irreplaceable bag. 

Because this is a bag that is both eminently practical and beautifully original: the asymmetrical handles give it a unique touch of style and, at least as importantly, make it supremely easy to handle; the dual fastening system (fully closable using the zipper, partially open using the ring fastening) that allows you easy access to the contents yet shields them from indiscreet gazes; colours that range from classic black and tan through lively red and violet to fashion shades such as pewter grey, silver and old gold.
Because it bears the distinctive features of MaxMara coats: the top stitching, the perfect proportions, the lining with the logo, the practical details.
And last but not least, because the maxi version is easily spacious enough to contain a coat.

(Friday, 17 September 2010) | bags


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