Rosa Clandestino presents the Spring/Summer 2011 collection

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Rosa Clandestino, a link between fashion, art and evolution that designer Silvia Argüello translates into “wearable art”, presents S/S 2011collection ‘Contradictions’.
Filled with passion and energy, the collection arises from the designer’s belief that life is a contradiction. An idea, an element, a shape can be loved or hated, embraced or rejected, understood or misinterpreted. Contradictions blends in harmony a style that is abstract, innovative and contemporary. It all depends on the designer’s ability to express her sensibility and create a style that is left open to free interpretation.
Jackets, dress-coats and dresses are made of both technical and natural, resistant and disposable, organic and artificial materials such as tyvek and organic linen. The colours are neutral and transparent, opaque and bright.
The limited edition packaging and the silk lining print for the collection were created in collaboration with American-Polish artist Craig Kucia.
Side by side with ‘Contradictions’, Rosa Clandestino presents ‘100% atelier AFRICA’ capsule collection. A collection born from Argüello’s experience in Kenya while working on the international solidarity project ”Fashion Freedom for Africa 2010” won by the designer in Rome.
Faithful to the humanitarian principles of Rosa Clandestino, ‘100% atelier AFRICA’ capsule includes an organic cotton dress/t-shirt collection enriched by the designer’s creativity together with the talented hands of African communities in Kenya and Uganda.

(Thursday, 30 September 2010) | womenswear


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