The new communication campaign by PHILIPP PLEIN sets off on a vintage clipper with Pierre Sarkozy

philipp plein philipp plein

The new communication campaign by PHILIPP PLEIN sets off on a vintage clipper, from Saint Tropez and with Pierre Sarkozy.
The communication campaign for the spring-summer 2011 collection by PHILIPP PLEIN has the face of Pierre Sarkozy, the young producer who is capturing the international music world with his ideas and dynamism.
If it is true that music and fashion have always influenced one another, this transpiration, with regards to the creations of the young German designer and the talented French DJ, is an integrating element of the creativity of both constantly pursuing contemporaneity balancing rigour and an innovative strive.
A style that has found its home, for the images of this campaign, in a splendid German clipper with a steel hull built in 1953 that personifies PHILIPP PLEIN’s spirit combining traditional forms with ideas inspired to the more advanced technology to sail away towards destinations that no one has even dared of dreaming of.
The background of the campaign’s photos is made of the unmistakable colour and light of Saint Tropez where PHILIPP PLEIN has recently opened a boutique regularly frequented by the cosmopolitan socialites of the mundane capital on the French Riviera.
The elegant and sophisticated atmospheres of a Tropezienne vacation have been recreated perfectly by the clearly topical treatment given to the images by the young photographer Olimpia Soheve, offering an almost tactile consistency for the eyes.
So, images to feel for a campaign entirely dedicated to creative contamination and to different worlds meeting one another, where the desire for quality details embraces the contemporary desire to astonish, where the rhythm of music inspires the alternating lines of clothes, where the personality and taste of young people, willing to show how one can arrive thanks to the power of dreams and one’s personality, emerges forcefully.
A personality that gains the concreteness of a unique style that is immediately recognizable, like the style of the creations by PHILIPP PLEIN and the music by Pierre Sarkozy.

(Thursday, 11 November 2010) | trade news


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