The new Sunglasses Collection 2011 from GUESS

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The new Sunglasses Collection 2011 from GUESS perfectly embodies the brand’s energy and style, featuring young and ‘Diva’ frames, sexy and glam rock decorations, seductive animal textures and interplays of logos on the temples, for daring look profiles.

The brand’s eye for detail and for the latest trends, without ever neglecting functionality, turns Guess sunglasses into fashionable and innovatively designed accessories, simply perfect for a chic and plucky woman. The glamour feel of the Eyewear collection is conveyed by three themes: Royal Underground, Vintage Dreams, Creative Journey.

Royal Underground – for those who live “on the edge”: the frames stand out for their rock-grunge, ‘90s-reminiscent look: metal interplays, pyramid-shaped studs, temples with chains or lozenges, customize frames with oversize front pieces and an alluring appeal. Vintage Dreams – models that are dedicated to the most romantic women, though always with the brand’s distinguishing mischievous quality. Lace effects, patchwork designs and delicate enamels embellish strikingly vintage, feminine frames. Creative Journey – frames for real globe trotters: animal prints, snake leather effect or spotted temples thanks to metal inlays and warm, natural colours, give this line a sensual feel of exotic atmospheres.

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