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Gerard Piqué has signed a contract with the men’s fashion brand to become the new star of the H.E. by MANGO Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter campaigns. He will therefore become the new face of the Spanish brand for two consecutive seasons.

Success and professionalism were essential requirements for the brand when choosing the young footballer, who was on the winning team in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

In addition, Gerard Piqué is the perfect representation of the type of man the brand aims to dress: young and carefree, with his own style and personality.

Born in Barcelona in 1987 to FC Barcelona fanatic parents, Gerard Piqué trained as a footballer at the prestigious Spanish club alongside well-established players such as Lionel Messi and Cesc Fàbregas and made his debut in 2005 at Manchester United. He later returned to FC Barcelona, the highly successful premiership club that he still plays for and continues to win numerous league titles.

With this collaboration, the men’s fashion brand, which until now has counted on the presence of young models, is moving towards the strategy adopted by MANGO, which since the beginning has chosen famous faces to star in its advertising campaigns.

H.E. by MANGO was created in 2008 to offer men a contemporary and modern men’s fashion range. Its style is based on updating the classics by giving them the required touch of fashion, adapting the trends to a simple, everyday and urban style.

(Thursday, 24 February 2011) | trade news


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