Alessandra Zanaria Fall / Winter collection 2011/12

alessandra zanaria alessandra zanaria alessandra zanaria alessandra zanaria

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For the upcoming Fall / Winter collection, Alessandra Zanaria wants to amaze with technical mastery and sophistication in old craftsmanship, revisited and brought up to date by audacious combinations.                                                     
Warm wool hats are the basis for making precious crochet embroidery, capable of astonishing with the yarn’s volume and softness and for the strongly contrasting hues. Small  clutch bags  and big bangles of a variety of  shapes and  colors complete the series,
best owing style and personality to those who don them.
The ample scarves and large collars in virgin wool have always been a fundamental part of Alessandra  Zanaria’s  winter  collections.  Entirely handmade, thanks to the wide  color palette they rotate around the entire collection, becoming a fundamental accessory in any wardrobe.  Large   flowers / stars  applied  onto  crown   headbands,   finished  with  fine multicolored yarns, are combined with large and roomy multicolor bags crafted with a knot pattern and proposed in the same shades.
Black & white striped felt, embellished with trim handmade by skilled artisans, develop the optical  theme in an  innovative and  unusual way for classic  headgear like the coppola or peaked cap and the soft felt trilby for the day, and small dome headbands for the evening.
To provide relief from the hard, cold winter, Alessandra Zanaria offers accessories made entirely  of fox patchwork  such as: high  bands  which can also be used as collars, aviator hats  and large pom pons  mounted as  earmuffs  folding  in on themselves are a practical accessory for the handbag, to have style and femininity always at hand.
Tinty   hand-embroidered   domes   mounted   on  a   small  comb  give  life  to  seductive transparencies playing on the face of the wearer thanks to the netting with which they are decorated.
Large  lettering sheathed in  wool  and  mounted on  headbands  frame  the  face,  while positioned  as a decoration for  great  long-flap hats,  they appear as  thoughts springing
from the head of the wearer.
Thoughts, provocations or live motiv? Who knows?! Surprising in their lightness, they are truly sculptures, unique pieces for great personalities.


(Saturday, 9 April 2011) | glam talk


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