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Custo Barcelona showed their Winter 2011-12 collection at Fashion Week Tunis (Carthage, 13-16 April 2011) in support of the reforms introduced in the country and as a gesture to aid the Tunisian fashion scene.

The Fashion Week organisers decided to go ahead with the event, despite the revolution that has recently shaken Tunisia, and many designers and labels decided to take part in support of the efforts made by the Tunisian people to return to normal after the upheaval.

Custo Barcelona accepted the invitation to take part as an international label in a show which is becoming consolidated as a platform for local designers to show their work, and to show the world Tunisia's most artistic and creative side, perhaps unknown to many, particularly at this moment in time.

The Custo Barcelona show closed the fashion week, which was held in the Acropolium, in Carthage, a city with an incomparable historical legacy.

The collection, commencing with purity of lines and neutral colours in which finally the essence of the brand inevitably shows through and pervades everything, received enthusiastic applause from the audience. 

(Wednesday, 27 April 2011) | agenda


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