Lily Allen chooses Sanderson wedding shoes

Lily Allen has asked Rupert Sanderson to create two pairs of shoes for her wedding day.

The 'Smile' singer wants a pair of flats and heels so she has a choice of footwear when she marries fiance Sam Cooper in Gloucestershire, South West England, on June 11 and has roped in the famous designer to help her.

She told "He's making me a pair of flats and a pair of heels, so I can run up and down hills. It's much chicer to have two pairs I think. I just really hope it doesn't rain."

Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld will create the singer's wedding dress.

Lily - who has recently turned fashion designer, launching her own vintage collection Lucy in Disguise with her sister Sarah Owen - also revealed she doesn't have a particular style and chooses clothes based on her mood.

She said: "It's up and down. The way I'm feeling really effects what I wear, my mood I mean. I basically put on whatever I think will make me feel happy that day."

(Friday, 27 May 2011) | glam talk


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