Lulu Liu women's collection Fall/Winter 2012/13

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The Lulu Liu brand combines the luxury and opulence of high-end fashion with dexterity and quality; this is reflected in the materials that are used. Lulu Liu creates bespoke cutting edge garments that are not only show stopping and unique, but remain feminine and elegant.

Key signature styles in the AW12 collection include over sized pleats mixed with long layers and vivid colours. The two main sources of inspiration for the collection are Dalian landscapes and Clowns. The sense of disconnected reality comes from Dali paintings but translated into garments so the surreal becomes wearable.

The vibrant colours he painted enhance the dream-like qualities therefore we get a sense of hallucination. This correlates to the image of the clown. The collection is a feminine reworking of the clown shirt – especially the silhouette and shape of the collar. Heavy pleats are balanced and softened by coloured bands of fur and organza. Different animal types are used to give a variety of lengths and therefore creating a very tactile and visually appealing detail to the clothes. 

The collection is produced in the UK in the most luxurious fabrics including cashmere, fur and the finest wool to produce garments that are show stopping and elegant, but always have a feminine edge.

(Tuesday, 21 August 2012) | womenswear


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