Delicateness is a highly feminine subtlety for Elie Saab

elie saab elie saab elie saab elie saab

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Delicateness is a highly feminine subtlety ­— it is an emotion, a state of mind that envelops her like a perfume.

This season, Elie Saab pays homage to fragile elegance by exploring degrees of transparency over silky skin, in ivory and touches of pink gold with poppy accents and clouds of mauve tulle, and in lace of varying opacity, sometimes enveloped by a fluid cape. 

A pale pink dress slips on like a second skin; at times it takes on precious embellishment in Baroque motifs and a bijou collar. 

A silhouette in georgette makes a modern statement with impressionistic sequins and neo-Baroque motifs etched in jet. 

Lace petals and floral motifs blend with abstract forms to create a rich visual tableau, punctuated by a copper-colored train in shantung silk. 

The bride emerges in a crystalline cloud of champagne lace, an infinitely graceful vision of delicateness.

(Thursday, 24 January 2013) | womenswear


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