Philosophy ss 2014: pure and romantic

philosophy philosophy philosophy philosophy

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The Spring/Summer 2014 Philosophy collection by Creative Director Natalie Ratabesi is inspired by romance and innocence; where sophisticated candor suggests a new concept of femininity.

The collection is an organic, nonchalant vision; characterized by soft, light materials, such as organza, cotton and silk.

Pure, yet densely rich textures create flowing, oversized silhouettes such as peplos dresses with impalpable ruffles and delicate, lingerie-inspired garments.

This season’s image uses personality and simplicity to define a cool and easy feminine ideal, all of these elements create a technical, fluid and ultra-modern collection.

The masculine and feminine spirit are combined as the Philosophy protagonist enjoys to borrow sporty, street-style items from her boyfriend’s wardrobe; such as the skater pants and an oversized bomber jacket.

Essential and refined outfits for day and eveningwear come to life in the fresh hues of white, steel, pink and mint green, to create wearable outfits that are easy to incorporate into the active lifestyles of contemporary women.

(Thursday, 12 September 2013) | New York woman -- 2013


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