Meissen: Royal Blossoms 300 years of heritage and art

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Inspired by the historically important paintings and the endless variety of form of the famous sculptures from the MEISSEN.

Manufactory archives, creative director Frida Weyer has designed an elaborate collection of evening, cocktail and bridal dresses – timelessly elegant, feminine, graceful and with a touch of romantic luxuriance.

Frida Weyer creates volume with beautiful silk organza, modeled in highly expressive, sculptural silhouettes reflecting the MEISSEN shapes from which they were inspired, and which shimmer with the contrasting flow of sensual silks and delicate lacework.

The creations are adorned with modern-style floral decorations.

The delicate, three-dimensional embroidery was inspired by MEISSEN chinoiseries and the famous MEISSEN snowball-blossom appliqués from the 18th century, as well as by floral designs from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Fine details with gold pigments and finishing touches with sculptural flowers, pearls and crystals perfectly express the traditional craftsmanship of the legendary Manufactory.

(Tuesday, 5 November 2013) | womenswear


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