Paule Ka launches the digital platform World Wise Woman

Three magical letters that promise a pathway to the world. The starting point for a journey of discovery filled with adventures and encounters, with life and love. This November, PAULE KA launches the World Wise Woman, a digital platform intended to showcase perspectives or emotions inspired by the brand. Available on Tumblr via PAULEKA.COM, the World Wise Woman will be brought to life on social media via Instagram (@PAULEKAOFFICIEL), Facebook (PAULE KA) and Twitter (@PAULEKA).

If she loves where she lives, the WWW wouldn’t necessarily call it home. As much from here as from elsewhere, every experience or conversation is a new departure. Her insatiable curiosity translates as a constant hunger for new ideas, new cultures, and new relationships. A woman of the world, she’s as comfortable with the frenzy of capital cities as the serenity of desert plains. A farmer’s market in Provence, a business meeting in Shanghai, an opera at Glyndebourne, an art exhibition at the MOMA, a school run in Paris… Wherever she may find herself, she’s always perfectly at ease. Neither a show-off nor a snob, she’s happy to go about living her life. Her many different lives.

A wordly woman, she knows life’s rules and regulations, and chooses whether to play by them or to defy them, depending on how relevant or tedious they seem. How others may perceive her has little impact on her choices. She refuses to fall into line, preferring to dance to her own beat. They may call
her clever or crafty, witty or wayward, she couldn’t care less! And yet she’s deeply moved whenever someone stops to tell her that she’s a good sort. Her finest achievements are a result of real risk taking, and she refuses to take the easy route to success. If it’s spontaneous or surprising, unexpected or challenging, she’s bound to love it. Power’s not really her trip, but she knows how and when to use it, and is unafraid to do so. World Wise Woman, sharp and astute, generous and open, she strikes a perfect balance between head and heart.

Though she’s comfortable enough with her womanhood not to have to shout it from the rooftops, she’s convinced that there simply can’t be a great man without a great woman. Seduction comes naturally to her, but only as the first step to tenderness, respect, friendship, love or any more serious sentiment. Sending, receiving and sharing are a vital part of who she is, and she does so by any means possible. She never feels more at home than when she’s tweeting, liking, posting and browsing, a world of endless possibilities that enables her to have her heart in one place and her head in quite another! She feels close to her loved ones, wherever they may be. She’s able to show love to far-off friends, wherever she may be. She’s a WWW and the inspiration for PAULE KA ’s digital home, a place to share not just style, but lifestyle.

(Monday, 25 November 2013) | womenswear


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